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Welcome to the Kneaded Knot Massage!

Expect to work with an experienced massage therapist. I have been in the field for 9 years.

What to expect at the Kneaded Knot Massage:

I will do a 15 minute consultation to get go over any health issues,and talk about your expectations for the session. And explain how the session will proceed.

Will leave the room and let you get on the table.  This is the time to relax and loosen tight and stressed muscles. 

Will come back I will come in and ask if your are comfortable,  This is where I ask that we no engage in talking till the session is over,

I will then start the massage. I will ask a couple of times about pressure during the session.

When the  massage is over I will tell you to take your time getting off the table and to get dressed.

We will have another consultation to see how you are feeling  and I will give you some recommendations , and plan your next session.

New Client Package:

Enjoy a 60-minute massage with warm relaxing hot towels, or Essential oils. For only $45.00.

Regular price $75.00.

To save  some time at your session, we may print and bring all the forms with you.





Health Information & Informed Consent

Massage consent with the COVID-19 Pandemic


IF you are a new client please print and fill out and bring it to your session.

Note: To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click here.